The Aim To Standardize VoIP Protocols

By Mark Woodcock

Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) is a remarkable technology that lets us talk to one another from our home computers. It provides an efficient and flexible way for us to communicate at work and at home, and the cost savings versus conventional telephone services are incredible. It requires little upfront investment, and you have the ability to travel with your phone number all over the world. It is a technology that almost seems too good to be true. As with any relatively new technology, though, there are technical kinks with VOIP that continue to need refining and development in order for the technology to reach its fullest potential as a replacement for the current telephone systems that we are accustomed to using.

At the beginning of a VOIP phone call, there is an analog phone (in use with an ATA), an IP phone, or software that converts data from analog to digital and routes the call to an endpoint. Along with these pieces of equipment, there are protocols that are employed to get the job done efficiently. A protocol is a set of rules that control data transfer between two points, in this case, from the placement of a phone call to the destination. Protocols are put into use by any combination of hardware and software to define real-time communications performance.

There are several VOIP protocols used at this time that mark out which programs (that transform the data) connect with one another along with the network. The most common protocol being used for VOIP is know as H.323, which was created by the International Telecommunication Union for the purposes of videoconferencing. This protocol is actually a group of several specific protocols that provide provisions for videoconferencing, data sharing, and audio transmission (VOIP). However, since it was not expressly designed for VOIP, there are often compatibility issues with its use.

A newer protocol has come out known as Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP. SIP was developed specifically for VOIP, and it is less complex than H.323. Yet another protocol used for VOIP is known as Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP). It focuses on destination control, and is intended to be used for supplemental features such as Call Waiting. A big problem arises because these three protocols do not always work together very congruently. This is often a problem when placing VOIP calls between different networks that use different protocols. And since there has not been yet developed a uniform set of standards for protocols to use for VOIP, problems are likely to continue until they are established.

Despite the technical glitches that can be encountered in using the technology to place phone calls, VOIP is still far more efficient, accommodating, and cost effective to what we are used to in telephone communications. The direction in which VOIP is heading hints that it is poised to one day replace our traditional telephone technology altogether. As with any technology-driven product or service, developers of VOIP will likely continue to improve upon current standards of VOIP and its protocols, further improving the technology for widespread use. This will provide users of VOIP even greater efficiency and reliability when they want to make a telephone call. - 30823

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Starting A Top Of The Line Company With A Voip Adsl Phone

By Kelly Falbo

Being able to start your own business is the goal of many people today. This idea comes to many people who have become frustrated with not being able to make up their own time schedule. They desire to have more flexibility in their lives, as well as still having an income. Starting a telco business is a feasible idea, once you find a VoIP ADSL phone dealer. There are many companies that will allow you to rent their products and reinvest some of your revenue to receive rebates.

Renting these ADSL phones will provide you with income that can be reinvested, which will then be given back to you as a rebate. Other than rebates, you will also be given commission on incoming calls. These can be from landline phones or cell phones, it doesn't matter. Your cost for getting this all set up will be an initial set-up fee and then a monthly fee. For all the rebates and commissions available, this fee will seem very nominal.

With VoIP capabilities and since it is able to be used with any ADSL line, this phone is excellent for people just starting out with a telecommunication business. Below are listed some of the benefits of using a phone that has Voice over Internet Protocol capabilities.

Benefit Number One: Calls can be routed over networks that are already in place. This will eliminate the expense of adding in more data and voice networks. This also means that no computer is required to use the phone, which is helpful for individuals who are interested in this type of business and don't have computer access.

Benefit Number Two: Features that usually cost more on regular phones are free on these phones. These additional features include IVR, automatic redial, caller ID, call forwarding, and conference calling.

Benefit Number Three- An additional money-saving feature is a great benefit on these phones. There's no need to add extra networks for voice or data, since calls can be routed over existing networks. People who don't have a computer can also use this phone without needing to add on extra networks.

The flexibility that is able to be had with this phone is unreal. There's absolutely no contract to sign, so you aren't locked into renting this phone for a long period of time. You can rent this ADSL phone on a month to month basis, plus it is a wireless modem and a cordless handset. These features, combined with the flexibility of the plan make this phone a very convenient piece of equipment. It is perfect for using to start up a small telco business and more phones can easily be added on as the business grows.

Besides being in business for yourself, you also have an option to become a dealer for these phones. This would allow you to promote a VoIP ADSL phone on a basis that you've used it and know all of the excellent capabilities it has. There isn't a strong need for any technical experience or even knowledge for using these phones. The only requirement is that you are interested in using it to improve your quality of live by earning enough money that you are happy. - 30823

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Online Motorcycle Show

By L.J. James

I have been active in the Motorcycle Community for many years. I've stood up for Biker's Rights. As a freelance writer, I've written about Clubs, the Community, and the Brotherhood of the Biker World. I've also been involved in many Biker related events either as a DJ or MC.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to combine all of this into a Biker Style Radio Show. A show where I could present and discuss topics that are important to Bikers as well as educate the outside world about the Biker Lifestyle and what it means to be a part of the Biker Community.

I knew it was going to be tough. I spoke with some local radio stations about my idea but, they either wanted a lot of money or they weren't interested. They claim that the "Biker Market" is a niche market and Radio Stations want shows that appeal to everyone.

In the summer of 2008, a guy from Florida called the Paisan, sent me an email stating he had read some of my articles and would like to interview me on his internet radio show, Sunday's Sauce Pot. I gave him a call and after speaking to him, I agreed to be on the show.

I did the show with Paisan and his partner Danny Dawg. It was an unforgettable show and I had a great time. I kept in touch with them and we soon became friends. I told them how I had been thinking about doing my own show. They were only too happy to explain to me how I could have my own internet radio show.

Since the show would be broadcast over the internet, I was a little skeptical. After doing some research, I realized that Internet Radio is an up and coming medium. Even now, some radio manufactures are making radios devoted to broadcasting Internet Radio.

I quickly realized that Internet Radio is more suited to what I wanted to present than traditional Radio due to the fact that I could broadcast my show to all over the world instead of being limited like I would be if I broadcast out of a local station.

The other thing that appealed to me was the fact that people could listen to my show any time they wanted to. Bikers like to travel. With Internet Radio, it doesn't matter where you are as long as you have access to an Internet Radio or Computer and WI-FI or broadband, you can catch the show. The fact that you didn't need a lot of money to start up was also very appealing. With a little help from my friends, I went to work. Finally, after 10 years of dreaming, I was On the Air. The Biker Lowdown Show was born.

The road to success was a little bumpy at first. With the addition of Chuck ( as my co-host, the road got a little smoother. With both of us researching information, we are able to share much more with our ever increasing audience. The addition of a website to compliment the show adds to the experience. The hard work of my webmaster Bjorn has resulted in a website that offers Articles, Video's, a Motorcycle Forum, and more.

I am sometimes amazed by the success of the show. Our Audience continues to increase each week. The Biker Lowdown Chat Room gets busier each week, letting listeners know they are really part of the show. Although we've come a long way, we're still working hard at making the show even more entertaining and informative for all those who ride or dream of riding. We plan on hitting the road so that we can meet and talk with people and reward our listeners with T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, and more.

Of course we couldn't do it without the support of our listeners and sponsors whose donations make the show possible. To them, THANK YOU!

I invite everyone to check out the show at, and let me know what you think and what topics you'd like to hear discussed.

I am your Bro, LJ James

- 30823

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Save Money Using A Clear Sounding Usb Phone For All Your Telephone Calls

By Jake Zertosky

If you are among the thousands of persons that have given up a land line in favor or a cell phone, after only one month where you go over on your minutes, you may wonder about the wisdom of your choice. Another alternative that is much less expensive than either the land line or the cell phone is the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone. Many times you will only pay a low monthly or even annual fee for the use of this phone that can be used to call any traditional land line or cellular phone within your calling plan. The best way to use VoIP phones is to have either a USB phone or a USB adaptor.

There are some free VoIP services, however most of these are limited to computer to computer talking. They require that both you and the recipient have a microphone and speakers. If you want to talk with someone who has a land line or a cell phone, you are charged a fee for the service. By paying a slightly higher fee, you can also have your own number so that the person at the other end of the phone can initiate the call. With the USB phone, your phone will ring just like a traditional phone.

If you purchase the USB adaptor, you will be able to use the existing phones in your home. Some of these adaptors allow users to choose between the VoIP or Landline, providing that the Land Line is still available.

Many VoIP phones allow users unlimited calling to local and long distance areas with no extra charge in one country. Some calling plans include the U. S., Canada and Mexico at no additional charge.

VoIP phones are very popular with the military who are stationed overseas. Since all that is required is a broadband connection, they are able to subscribe to service using their own hometown in the States so that calls from family and friends from that calling area cost the caller nothing. The plan then gives the subscriber unlimited calls to anywhere in the U. S. For one low fee.

Similarly, college students can contact family members. The VoIP works like a regular phone at a low cost to the student and calls anywhere in the U. S. Are free. Calls from parents cost the parents nothing.

Choosing the USB phone for calls through VoIP helps to give users the freedom of being away from a computer but still allows for listening for a phone call. The phone will ring just like a traditional phone and the computer does not even have to be on. These traditional feeling and looking phones often give users better quality.

Since there is no counting of minutes with the VoIP phone, you can feel free to visit with friends and family for hours without having to worry about the bill at the end of the month.

This allows you cut the minutes from your cell phone plan and save your time for emergency calls. The savings on one phone can often save enough money to more than pay for the cost of the VoIP fees. Often you will save more in one month than the VoIP call will cost in a year. - 30823

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Features Of Skype Subscriptions And Skype Phones

By Jake Zertosky

If you are reading this, you are likely trying to learn a little more about Skype service and some of the add-ons to that service like Skype phones. This service has revolutionized how people talk with one another the world over, and so naturally there are millions of subscribers to the service. Through this article, we will detail a good bit of what makes Skype such an impressive program for you to use, and then some of the accessories for the service like the phones.

Let's be honest, you have probably already at least heard of Skype. You might not know exactly what it is, but you know someone who is talking about. If you want to know a little more about the service itself, refer to the next couple of paragraphs, and then you can decide for yourself what this service could do for you.

The best way to describe this service is a program that allows you to speak with various other subscribers of the service across the globe. The only requirement of speaking with someone else is subscription to the service. The best part is that the main portion of the service is free, so anyone can sign up and utilize the most basic functions of the program.

This means that you can keep in touch with friends and family anywhere there is internet access. You can also utilize webcams to see each other as you talk. This is a very attractive feature for people of all ages, and that is partly why the software as experienced so much success. There are other features and benefits to the Skype service, and you might be intrigued enough to check these out as well.

You will also find that you can call landlines through Skype as well. While this might actually cost some money, it will usually be cheaper than other rates to call long distance or internationally. So this is good for those who cannot connect to the internet to stay in touch with you, and you to be able to reach those on your list that simply do not have the capacity to obtain Skype service.

Then there are the accessories. You see, Skype phones are becoming more and more popular the more people that are using the service. There are two types of these phones, and I will discuss them both. The first is the house model, which in many cases simply plugs into your computer and replaces your microphone and speakers for sound, which might make conversing like this a little easier for some. There are also types with screens that are away from your computer to pick up their webcam broadcasts.

The second of these types is the Skype operated cell phone. This runs on the wireless internet floating around anywhere you go anymore. These are better known as Wi-Fi hot spots. These are located just about anywhere that you go. They are located in cafes, restaurants, airports and hotels across the world. This service is free to use, much like the Skype service. It allows you to access all of your Skype friends at the push of a button.

While there are millions that have found the service of Skype very helpful and useful to contacting their friends and family all over, there are some like me who have become rather smitten with Skype phones. They are certainly worth a deeper look, should you determine that Skype itself is a service you could use. - 30823

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How And Why To Download Skype

By Manuel Vintagoli

The Internet has made communication far easier. You can type messages to people in real time for free. You can share videos and pictures on social networking sites. Skype phone calls have taken it a step further and make it the closest thing to actually being in the room with someone. Skype allows you to see someone live via webcam while you talk to them over speaker phone.

Skype is important because it is new technology that is free. Usually something this forward is too expensive for mass use. But with Skype, you can talk globally for free. I have often made phone calls to a friend in grad school in Scotland. We were able to talk for hours without worrying about the cost. A single phone call probably would have cost more than the web cam I bought.

It is easy and fast to download on just about any computer with any type of internet service. Some laptops come with cameras built in while others require you buy mini cameras to plug in. These cameras are fairly cheap and are very easily found.

Skype has all of the benefits of other communicative devices. You can instant message--even when the person is offline. Your messages will be received by them the next time they log in, just like with any other instant messenger. It is the same as a phone call, only it is free for anywhere in the world. And you have the very big plus of being able to see the person's face when you talk to them.

Skype works only when both parties are on their computers and logged on to the Skype program. You can see who is online because the symbol next to a person's name will go green. When you see someone is online and you wish to chat with them, you have the option to either chat via text, make a regular phone call via Skype, or video call. A ring tone sounds on the other side letting the person know they have a call. They can either choose to accept or ignore the call.

Skype has good privacy controls, too, for those who worry about strangers attempting video calls. You make a Skype profile, often with a screen name. Your more personal details are only shared with people you accept to your friends list. Anyone can talk to you, but you can remove them from your list or block them. It is a very safe option--just as safe as using a telephone.

Skype has a few wrinkles to still even out, but it's a near-perfect system. Calls are occasionally dropped, but this is a problem with all phone calls. Cameras can freeze the images, which is a pain, but they often sort themselves out. You often need to do some planning to organize Skype calls. They are not impromptu like telephone calls. There can be technological problems, but Skype has a really good user's guide.

Skype is just the start. In a year or two, cell phones will probably all come with a Skype option. Skype, as it is now, though, can save you a ton of money. It is nice to recognize the beginning step to technology yet to come. - 30823

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Quality and Costs - Vonage Versus Skype

By Veronica Carrillo

PRICES -U.S. Calling Skype is free for calling other U.S. users of Skype. Vonage charges a monthly fee of $24.95 for unlimited calling to any U.S. phone number. Skype also offers a monthly subscription plan that allows unlimited calling to any U.S. number. The plan is currently $2.95 per month.

-International Calling Skype charges for international calling when users purchase additional service packages and these packages will also allow a per-minute rate for calling U.S. numbers that are not Skype users. Skype charges sometimes half of what Vonage charges for international calls. Vonage does include 60 countries free along with their U.S. unlimited $24.95 package, but these countries are already cheap for direct dialing from a home or cell phone such as the UK, China, and Mexico. Calls to international cell phones are often not included and almost half of international long distance calls originating in the U.S. are destined to a cell phone. The high demand U.S. International calling destinations like Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Philippines) and Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua) are cheaper with Skype.

Increasingly, as ShoreTel grows in popularity and increased market acceptance, it is being asked to be the Voice Mail system for the legacy PBX. If you think about it, legacy PBX systems have traditionally been installed with separate Voice Mail systems. As it relates to market share, large corporate clients often have OCTEL voice mail systems that are now coming up on ten years after service life!

Perhaps the telephone system is not ready for replacement quite yet, but the VM is about to die under its own weight. The ShoreTel makes for a great solution!Install the ShoreTel as a voice mail system for the legacy PBX. Then, as the opportunity allows, let it grow up and strangle the PBX as its obvious replacement.

We have been involved in the integration of Nortel, Avaya, NEC, Mitel and even a Toshiba key system to the ShoreTel as a PBX. We are now seeing growing demand for the ShoreTel to do both functions! The ShoreTel not only integrates as the new PBX with the old, legacy PBX to smooth client migration and transition; but it simultaneously provides VM for the users on the legacy PBX. Now how kool is that?

Many Vonage complaints stem from early cancellation fees and rebate recovery if a user doesn't stay long enough, with many users complaining that the contract period is not clearly defined until you try to terminate. Let's face it, if you continually have problems hearing the other party, you should not be charged an early termination fee. Potential customers should study the terms of service carefully before signing up for any monthly fee, because once the money comes out of a bank account or is charged to a credit card there is little one can do except rant on a blog. Bottom line Skype is best for callers that make a lot of international calls. Vonage is best for users that want an inexpensive alternative to their local phone or cable company's phone service. - 30823

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